Spring 2020

On my birthday this year, I wasn’t aware of the fact that it was the day of the first recorded case of Corona Virus in the UK.

Since then, during the UK Lock-down, I’ve found my walks up the hill behind my house a peaceful retreat, and I’ve been counting my blessings and all my lucky stars. Incredibly thankful to all our Key-workers who are fighting this battle for us, I have found it a time of quiet contemplation as I try to tread lightly on this fragile earth.

First Friday of Lockdown, 27th March 2020
Bealach path, Moulin. I climbed alone up to my favourite spot by the burn.
I remember the comfort of feeling mist and soft rain on my face.

Now, early May, for the first time in weeks, I have found the energy to update my website a little. I have some stock that I have added as specials including a small collection of Lovelock Tees left over from my Bothy Collection last year. A linen dress called Earrach – Gaelic for Spring, this is a one-off piece from Cloth#19 and there’s a few denim pieces in stock that I have reduced, perfect staples guaranteed to last almost a lifetime, including the new Tana skirt.

I can still process orders and should you have any queries about the collections, please get in touch. Some of my suppliers are open but orders are taking a little longer than normal to make. UK orders are still free postage, I reuse old boxes and bags and wrap them ‘like new’ in brown paper tied with string and fabric off-cuts. Please don’t be surprised if you find your purchase delivered inside an old cereal box! This not only enables me to keep postage FREE, but also means we are not unnecessarily wasting the world’s natural resources.

Roobedo Sewing workshops are on hold for the foreseeable future – hoping to resume at some point, with more skirts in a day and NEW Boro and Sashiko and also a Spinner Day. Perhaps I’ll get around to making up sewing kits and doing some YouTube posts soon, but till then, take care and stay safe.
Best Wishes,

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