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Dress/photo by Iren Gulyas

Plastic Fantastic

Another exciting opportunity for my Textiles students who I teach at Dundee and Angus College – exhibiting their work at the V&A Dundee, May 2023. It was still about upcycling, of course, but this time it was red carpet silhouettes! PRESS RELEASE 12TH MAY 2023 [issued by Marketing department at D&A College] Garments made by […]

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I just visited an amazing exhibition at the University of St Andrews’ Wardlaw Museum all about one of my favourite things . . . PEAT!! The smell of peat in the air reminds me of childhood – holidays on the Isle of Lewis, staying in the MacDonald’s croft at Tobson. This exhibition explores the importance of […]

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Looking for the tiniest signs of Spring by my feet I found the sunny yellow Coltsfoot on shingle under the Garry Bridge this weekend – its flower pops up out of nowhere, with leaves coming later . . . and when pressed its tincture is said to help drive away coughs, a bit like buttercup […]

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Finally, a chance to return to the Outer Hebrides this summer. Specifically the Isle of Lewis, westside, Barvas. We stayed in the fabulous Moorpark Cottages, where we looked out onto a tiny woodland where heron’s flew in and nested at night. A corncrake sang all day long in the long grass outside…but was never seen. […]

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V&A Dundee

We managed to pitch, secure and set up an exhibition for the Textiles students at Dundee and Angus College at the V&A Dundee – yes, the V&A Dundee! How it all came about? I set the V&A Dundee as the imaginary ‘client’ for the Textiles for Commission Unit I teach on the HND Textiles course. […]

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Discovering more about Douglas Fir

I’ve been intrigued recently by the perfect repetition of the little 3-pointed skinny crown-like seeds on these fir cones. It would make a great mini repeat pattern to print on cloth. It keeps catching my eye. Today I took a moment to stop and look really closely, take some photos and then refer to my […]

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Bog Myrtle, Pixie cups and Repurposing textiles

Mid April in Highland Perthshire Although it is misty and drizzling it’s just perfect to see the colours on my walk today, and actually the kind of weather I like a lot. Something about the mist brings the tiniest details to life and I am seeing hints of orange, pink, rust, straw and grey skies […]

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Over coffee with a friend, we started to discuss elbows. Her much-loved cashmere sweater was threadbare at said elbows and she asked if I would have any Harris tweed to patch it. This started a conversation about my Roobedo cashmere armies from pre-loved cashmere sweaters that have Harris tweed elbows – and we realised that […]

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A moment to stitch

Roobedo Guest workshop at the ‘Essence of the Dragonfly’ Weekend With Covid over the last 2 years, pretty much all of my workshops stopped. Finally I am planning a few Roobedo days (dates to follow) but delighted that I have been asked by a friend, Jennie, to run a mini workshop as part of a […]

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