From the Islands to the Highlands with Roobedo

What inspires me and a little about my artistic process.
Listen and view my Blether Box talk I did in June 2019 here>>

I was asked to speak at the debut Pitlochry and District Adult Education Association’s Blether Box evening.  Blether Box is a new way of bringing people together in the local and surrounding Pitlochry area. It was an opportunity to share interests with a local audience – talking about skills, hobbies and passions.

I found it so difficult to pick just 14 slides from my collection as I love photography so much and it is huge part of my artisitic process, going back over 20 years since I set up Roobedo in 1999.  Then I found it even harder to make them all link together in some kind of cohesive order. The limit of 14 slides and 30 secs talk per slide turned out much more challenging than I had first thought, and I kept changing my mind of what to include right up to the last minute! The night was amazing, with over 60 folk sitting squished up together on benches & trestle tables, sharing supper served by David and his team at the Escape Route Cafe.  Conversations started with whoever you were sitting next to and then Peter Barr introduced the speakers and their talks titled:-

Horses are good for the soul
Thank you for the music
Lebanese Wine
Having an idea and making it happen
Waterproofs and wonder: why getting outside has changed our thinking and
What’s in a face: an artists’s view by Dylan Gibson

A truly uplifting evening, and I hope there will be more.  Well worth checking out if you are in the area.

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