Scots Pine Cones

Ready for CLOTH#21 and Perthshire open Studios, I have finally developed my new print that has been in my head for such a long time, and I LOVE it!

I chose a base of Glenlyon Teal tweed, in a subtle herringbone weave and a linen backing with stripes from salvaged Donald Brothers fabric. The other base is a remnant of fresh leaf green wool, backed with the same stripe.

Discovering pine cones on a walk is a joy – a bit like finding washed-up treasures when beachcombing – except they drop from the sky! If you take a moment to look up it is a very grounding feeling, perhaps some would say healing, to realise how small we really are in the big picture of life. Their source could tell us such great stories if only we could listen. This print is a long awaited connection to my doorstep, which is in BIG TREE COUNTRY. I have read that the Scots Pine is one of three native conifers and, in fact, is our only native pine. They can live for up to 700 years becoming Granny Pines. You can read all about them in this brilliant article by Christopher Smout – The History and the Myth of Scots Pine.

They stand so tall and lose lower branches, leaving a canopy of which forms a striking silhouette – so are actually easy to spot once you know what to look for. And they are the perfect home for red squirrels, so if you stop a while you may be lucky enough to see one too!

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