Late summer – loving this warm spell!

The days are shortening, and I’ve noticed longer shadows casting earlier each day. Becky (my whippet) and I have been seeking shade and coolness in Faskally Forest, a couple of miles North of Pitlochry, as temperatures climb into the mid twenties daily. Dunmore Loch is overflowing with water-lilly and giant yellow flag seed pods. You can follow trails down to the waters edge of the River Garry, and find silt shores where methane bubbles to the surface and hundreds of tiny fish swim in the shallows. Watch your footing on the paths as froglets hop across and up into the verge with devil’s bit scabious and wild raspberry. Felted bullrush and black-eyed susan’s are in abundance in the marshy bits and if you just stop and look up, trees tower above. I feel so small. And my spirits lifted. Everything gets put into perspective, and then I realise Becky is staring at me as she eats lots of grass! And I tell her again, that she’s not a cow.

I’ve taken some photos, which give you a bit of an impression of what it is really like – but if you ever get the chance to visit, then do! Highland Perthshire might be the furthest point from the sea in Scotland, but the rivers and lochs continue to surprise me daily – so I don’t yearn for the ocean as much as I used to when I first moved here.

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