Harris tweed

tobson dyke with sheep grazing


Since 1999, I have been working with this beautiful cloth.
As a child holidaying on a working croft in the Outer Hebrides I watched the sheep shearing and visited the weavers in their cottages.
Did you know that Harris tweed is still woven on a treadle loom at the weaver’s home?  No electricity is allowed to power the looms, it is all man (or woman) power!  It is protected by parliament more>>> and yes, Harris tweed is expensive – a luxury cloth and the world’s only commercially produced handwoven tweed.  So when you think about the true cost of producing it, and the heritage woven into every inch, retailing at over £40 per metre length really isn’t very much at all.  Read more about the process here>>>

harris tweed label






Over the years I have made some beautiful pieces in Harris tweed, including

‘Washed up’ Upcycled furniture collection 2011

hebridean sea wall hanging by ruth morris
‘For the Islands I Sew’ Wall hanging 2005

covered books
Covered books – a world book day favourite!

Blankets and cushions here>>>

Country living tweed trews and blanket 2006
Wide leg slax and blanket as featured in Country Living Magazine Oct 2006
Ruth Morris Roobedo Harris tweed suit

Special edition Bootlace tweed woven exclusively for me
by Luskentyre Harris tweed (jacket and sporran skirt)

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