Over coffee with a friend, we started to discuss elbows. Her much-loved cashmere sweater was threadbare at said elbows and she asked if I would have any Harris tweed to patch it. This started a conversation about my Roobedo cashmere armies from pre-loved cashmere sweaters that have Harris tweed elbows – and we realised that it would be great to offer ready cut patches with yarn on my website, letterbox ready to help transform your favourite worn out but much loved sweaters. I said that I had some really beautiful offcuts of checky Harris tweeds and they would be just perfect. I mentioned that offering cut patches on the cross would mean that the garment is still comfy to wear and wouldn’t restrict movement and they are carefully saved from my dressing gowns, so the tweed has been washed and shrunk already making it fine to wash with the sweater. My friend said that it would make it feel like brand new and in fact even better to wear than before. So I took her sweater away and have spent a bit of time darning and adding patches. I can’t wait to return her ‘new’ sweater and have another coffee – and I think this would be the perfect product to add to my shop page RECYCLE REUSE – so here they are…ELBOW PATCHES Also, I offer a service to darn and patch your favourite holey sweater too or trousers or jacket or anything you’d like! All I ask is that you send it cleaned with an indication of preferred colours.

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