Lovelock Tee Red LS



Tee bought from Pitlochry Charity shop revamped with my Lovelock print.
Size 12 Long Sleeve
36″ bust
Lovelocks featured in a Collection I made last year.
I found the locks cut open and removed from the swing bridge over the river Tummel in Pitlochry.  The local library kept them in the hope that they would be reclaimed.  These beautiful, heartfelt symbols became a cause of decay – having to be removed to keep the bridge safe.

These t-shirts were part of the Roobedo Bothy Collection
transparency – provenance – traceability

Roobedo wants to start conversations about where our clothing & accessories are made, by whom and what with? Is it sustainable, do we know? Buying second hand t-shirts and revamping with a print, will hopefully give them a second life and in turn halve their carbon footprint.


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