Made from recycled coffee bags, supplied by GlenLyon Coffee Roasters.
They are washable between uses, to lengthen their life (I pop them in the dishwasher and dry on the radiator to dry) and then simply compost at the end of their life – cut them up and pop them on your compost pile, or into your brown bin with garden scraps.
This product was an off-shoot of an evening class I ran in Dec 2018 where we were exploring alternatives to disposable plastic everyday things and ciaracreates suggested trying these.  Everyone seemed to love them, so I thought I’d offer them for sale to try to reduce the need for plastic sponges in the world!
I’ve put together packs of 3 – bundled with a ‘Recycled’ print on brown recycled pattern card.  The thread I use is pure cotton, usually from hand-me-down or old cotton reels.  Cotton thread will rot on the compost.

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