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Fix your bag with Roobedo with this amazing form of visible mending.  Boro is essentially the practice of using a simple running stitch (a sashiko stitch) to reinforce a textile item using scraps of fabric. It is a practice that grew out of necessity in medieval Japan, and has evolved, four centuries later, into a distinctively gorgeous textile artform.  Roobedo can fix holes in a bag (see photo) or garment using this technique.  Using patches and cotton thread, holes will be reinforced and handstitched – to make your product personalised and special.  Prices start from £40 per hole, plus £5 postage to return it to you (UK only).
Please contact / 0781 470 4256 to discuss your repair in the first instance and please ensure your garments/products are washed, cleaned and free of stains before sending them to Roobedo for repairs or alterations. (Follow the washing instructions on the care label).  Payment is required in advance of any repair work being undertaken and you can pay by electronic transfer (or cheque) upon receipt of an invoice via email.  Then send your product/garment or drop it off at the workshop.    Please contact Ruth directly to work out correct payment.

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