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Spinners are back!

These Hebridian inspired decorations spin a yarn! Individually cut leaves in Harris tweed stitched onto cotton tape, with a hanging loop at each end for easy use. These are made from re-purposed scraps with a motto printed on random leaves. Can be hung in a window or a doorway to brighten a corner, nurturing your […]

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Harris tweed

HARRIS TWEED – CLO MOR Since 1999, I have been working with this beautiful cloth. As a child holidaying on a working croft in the Outer Hebrides I watched the sheep shearing and visited the weavers in their cottages. Did you know that Harris tweed is still woven on a treadle loom at the weaver’s home?  No electricity […]

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Dressing Gowns

THE ROOBEDO DRESSING GOWN See more… It takes 4 metres to produce a Roobedo Dressing gown in Harris tweed.  I wash it several times to shrink and felt the weave still further.  This is a completely original & unique process I started in 2005 with the backing of the Edinburgh Visual Arts & Crafts Artists […]

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