Archive | April, 2017

Rejuvenate your tired trousers

Film, swap-shop and repair workshop in Pitlochry, 6th May

“It is often much easier to consume what is convenient without thinking too much about the larger impact or consequences of our choices.” (Natalie Chanin, 2013). I have teamed up with Zerowaste Scotland for a FREE afternoon of film, sewing, swopping and chat. We hope to help reduce clothing waste and inspire you to do […]

Scottish river glass

Scottish river glass, wood anemone, sea urchin cushion and lichen…finding treasures on the riverbank in lovely Spring sunshine today. ¬†Some similarities to the seashore, despite being miles inland. ¬†Perhaps water is my true inspiration in all its forms, wherever it is. Pictures from the shores of the River Tummel in Pitlochry. Scottish river glass Lichen […]

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